We work hard to provide services as a “Solutions Workshop” for large  companies in the aeronautical sector, developing equipment, testing concepts  and providing technological support in those areas in which, due to their size,  our customers are not efficient.  We are a company that reinvests in R&D most of our revenues, as a way to  ensure always being at the edge of the state of the art.  Our strong points are:  High integration capability: we are able to develop, build and test nearly  anything in house, not having to wait for suppliers.  High Tech equipment: with our high tech equipment, like 3D printers,  laser cutters or multiaxis CNC mills, we are able to start from scratch on  a napkin and deliver a finished and succeessful unit.  Close relationship with the customers: The best way for a customer to  get what they really want is keeping them in the eye of the development  cycle. Therfeore we like to work hand in hand with the customer,  redesigning the concept to fulfill the customer’s expectations.  Competence: for each project we build up the best team, including  engineers and technicians.  Agility: We have our internal mechanisms to be able to change and  adapt to new project orientations avoiding rigid structures in our  organization.   Availability: Our main goal is to deliver our projects in time with the best  quality possible. Our team enjoys their work and we will not doubt to  work 24/7 to reach the results we are aiming for. 
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